Tecnopails Presented the Matrix Series at Eurocoat

Date: 06/04/2022

At the Eurocoat event in Paris, Tecnopails launched a new feed and closure filling-line series - with a specific line dedicated for integration with Rexson’s ColorPoint paint dispenser.

At Eurocoat 2022, Tecnopails, the dedicated filling division of IM GROUP, presented the Matrix series: a new feed and closure filling-line system. The name Matrix derives from its ability to be easily configured through a variety of adjustable modules. One of these modules is Matrix+Rexson/Colorpoint created specifically for integration with "Easypaint", the most flexible and complete range of IM GROUP automatic dosing solutions.

“This is yet another example of IM GROUP’s brands working in unison to achieve innovation for the group. The Matrix has been in the research and planning stage since early last year, and we are very proud to launch it at Eurocoat Paris this year. The series features some of the latest IIoT touchscreen and industry-4.0-smart technology from Inkmaker’s renowned software and automation team. We’d particularly like to congratulate all our colleagues involved on this momentous achievement,” commented Gianluca Incerti, Global Director of Sales, IM GROUP.

“What makes the Matrix, feed and closure filling-line system, so innovative is that it is totally configurable through six variations of adjustable modules that enable the filling line system to be expanded from the manual M1 and M2 to the semi-automatic SA1 and SA2 or to fully automatic A1 and A2 solutions. This is undoubtably an attractive proposition for any client, be they large or small,” concluded Olivier Daulon, General Manager, Inkmaker France.