The TEGO® Airex 923 Additive from Evonik Received the 2023 Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Date: 05/06/2023

The deaerator specifically designed by Evonik for UV-curable coatings has been awarded for its high efficiency and compatibility.

The Coating Additives business line of Evonik has recently announced that its deaerator TEGO® Airex 923 additive specifically designed for UV-curable coatings has won the Ringier Coating Technology Innovation Award 2023 for its high efficiency and compatibility. The company received the prize during the Ringier Coating Summit 2023 in Shanghai (China) at the end of May 2023.

“This award demonstrates our commitment to developing products with both outstanding performance and sustainability features. It is our priority to meet current and future demands for a sustainable coatings industry with our expanded additive solutions,” has commented Benjamin Schaeffner, the vice-president of Evonik Coating Additives in Asia.

The 100% active matter content organic polymer TEGO Airex 923 breaks down foam quickly and efficiently, preventing air inclusions and pinholes to form. It also allows to achieve balance between deaeration efficiency and compatibility. So, it is ideal for use in various UV-curable coating systems and application methods, since it provides a universal, high-performance and environmentally friendly deaeration solution. In addition, it exhibits good flow behaviour and it is very easy to handle.

“The use of UV-curable coatings is growing rapidly due to their environmental benefits. They cure quickly, save energy and operational costs, and, most importantly, do not release harmful chemicals. But there are also challenges: foaming, for example, is one of the problems due to the fast-curing speed and high solids content. TEGO® Airex 923, a new addition to Evonik’s product portfolio, can overcome such technical challenges,” has also added Katina Kiep, the head of the Decorative Coatings segment at Evonik.

The 2023 Ringier Coating Technology Innovation Award won by Evonik

Last year, the company won the same award for water-based defoamer TEGO Foamex 812.