Valeo Selected the EcoBell Rotary Atomizer of Dürr to Coat Plastic Interiors for Electric Vehicles

Date: 15/11/2023
The EcoBell rotary atomizer of Dürr coating the plastic compontents for electric vehicles of Valeo

Dürr provided the EcoBell rotary atomizer to allow Valeo to cost-effectively paint plastic parts with minimal material consumption.

The German engineering company Dürr has recently announced that the international technology business Valeo has successfully installed the EcoBell rotary atomizer without high tension on Kawasaki robot at its production facility in Hungary, resulting in heightened efficiency, increased productivity and reduced paint consumption for plastic interiors for electric vehicles.

Although plastic components are usually coated employing conventional spray guns, high-speed rotary atomizers are increasingly becoming a solution selected by several painters in order to reduce costs associated with materials and cleaning operations.

The EcoBell atomizer developed by Dürr ensures high application quality, minimal paint consumption and short flushing time even with intricate industrial coating operations. The high transfer efficiency and mix block upstream on the robot arm greatly reduce paint loss and rinsing agent consumption and minimise required cleaning. Furthermore, the cycle time is shorter.

Before implementing it, the company had demonstrated its compatibility with the technology and processes of Valeo working closely with the partner integrator ERMA Concept at its test centre. Dürr also provided the EcoPump AD package, a fluid board and a two-component mixing and dosing system.