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Pioneers in electrostatic powder coating

Gema is a company with a long history. Founded in Switzerland in 1897 by Messrs Gehrig and Mannhart (hence the origin of the name), Gema started off as a manufacturer of metal carpentry and later specialized in metal panels for false ceilings.

In the 1960s, Gema began experimenting with the, at the time, revolutionary idea of electrostatic powder coating and produced the first powder gun on the market. Although initially developed for personal use, the technology was so interesting and efficient that it was decided to start marketing the powder guns: thus, the Gema electrostatic division came to life.

Gema became an independent company in 1982 with the spin-off of the electrostatic division. Since 2012, Gema has been part of Graco, a leading international provider of solutions for fluid management and coating systems in both industrial and commercial applications.