Can furniture coatings cut CO2 emissions?

Date: 01/05/2021
Autor: Sponsored

The patented water-based Bayhydur® quix hardener dries as quickly as solvent-based hardeners while saving energy on drying times. The comparison shows that with Bayhydur® quix, CO2 emissions can be demonstrably reduced by up to 60% compared with solvent-based coatings – this was the result of a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) in cooperation with the furniture coatings manufacturer Hesse Lignal.

Do water-based coatings really have a lower lifecycle carbon footprint? And are they more sustainable than solvent-based coatings?

To answer these questions, two coating types were tested against each other in a Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) study with furniture coatings manufacturer Hesse Lignal: a two-component solvent-based polyurethane coating versus a two-component water-based polyurethane coating.

When tracking the CO2 footprint over the life cycle up to and including the application and drying of the coating, water-based polyurethane coatings were found to have up to ten percent lower emissions. But when Bayhydur® quix was used, this improvement was increased even further: to as much as 25 percent. The patented water-based hardener contained within dries just as quickly as conventional solvent-based hardeners. When drying with renewable energy, emission savings of up to 60 percent were even determined. Despite low VOC values and an improved CO2 footprint, the Bayhydur® quix hardener offers chemical resistance, improved durability, and a longer service life. And with the drop-in solution, Bayhydur® quix can be integrated into existing systems without any investment.

The Lifecycle Assessment study has demonstrably shown that when Bayhydur® quix is used, the CO2 footprint can be significantly improved compared with solvent-based coatings. This makes it possible to produce a low-VOC furniture coating without compromising quality.

Key Benefits

  • Fast-drying: Patented Bayhydur® quix water-borne hardener dries as quickly as aromatic solvent-borne hardeners.
  • Fewer VOCs: Bayhydur® quix uses low VOC technology, less than solvent-borne solutions.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Faster drying consumes less energy, generating up to 60% lower CO2-emissions.
  • Safer: Fewer VOCs and shorter processing increase safety for manufacturing staff.
  • Easy processing: Bayhydur® quix is a drop-in solution that requires no added investment.

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