HMG Paints Presented the KROSS Tint Range with Over 37,000 Colour Formulations

Date: 16/03/2023
The KROSS tinting system of HMG Paints

The in-house developed system of HMG Paints can be used to create a myriad of colours for industrial coatings.

In order to support its distributor network, the British coatings manufacturer HMG Paints has launched the KROSS Tint range with over 37,000 colour formulations available immediately. The range is a short oil alkyd solution for industrial coatings providing colorants that can be used in applications such as Synthetic Alkyds, DTM’s, Primer Finishes and QAD products. Developed entirely in-house, the system consists in fact of seventeen colourants that can be used to create a myriad of colours.

All of the colours are available via the ColourBase Colour Box tinting software, which is compatible with both manual and automated tinting schemes and contains 2,400 colour chips displayed in chromatic order within 20 fan decks. Each colour is obtained from a number of popular colour systems, including RAL, British Standard, Commercial Vehicle Fleet Colours, Agricultural and Afnor. Additionally, it contains colours with chromatic continuity to ensure that distributors can find the perfect colour for every customer.

“When developing the KROSS Tint system we were focused on using the very best pigments to ensure our customers can produce the perfect colour every time. The pigments selected have high weather fastness and lightfastness ratings to ensure the colours are resistant to environmental effects,” has stated Isla Taylor, the R&D chemist of HMG Paints who led the development of the new range.