BYK Launches New Sustainable Additives

Date: 29/04/2022

BYK has developed PTFE-free wax additives.

BYK has introduced three new PTFE-free wax additives. Classic PTFE-based wax additives offer exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance across a whole range of application fields. However, for some time now, the use of PTFE has been viewed more and more critically on a global level.

For this reason, BYK has developed CERAFLOUR 1050, CERAFLOUR 1051 and CERAFLOUR 1052. Free of PTFE, these wax additives are not only safe to apply, but also guarantee outstanding application results. Due to their particular formulation, they feature mechanical properties in terms of scratch and abrasion resistance and surface slip. In addition, due to their fine particle size distribution, they are ideal for use in clearcoats and systems with low film thickness. In aqueous systems containing cosolvents it is possible to obtain a matting effect.

All three micronized wax additives are suitable for aqueous, solvent-borne, solvent-free and UV-based coating systems, but also differ in their fields of application:

  • CERAFLOUR 1050 is particularly recommended for clearcoats;
  • CERAFLOUR 1051 shows the best results in a wide range of application areas;
  • CERAFLOUR 1052 is suitable for systems with low COF requirements.