Cortec’s VpCI-330 Passes More Than 5,000 Hours of Protection in Humidity Chamber

Date: 01/09/2021

A new laboratory test certified that Cortec’s latest rust preventative, VpCI-330, has passed more than 5,000 hours of protection in the humidity chamber.

Cortec Corporation has released updated test data for VpCI®-330, the company’s latest rust preventative. Released in March 2021, VpCI-330 had already passed more than 800 hours of humidity testing (ASTM D1748). Now, the product has completed testing in the humidity chamber, passing more than 5,000 hours (>7 months) on average of corrosion protection on carbon steel panels coated with it. This entails a great advantage for metal manufacturers who need to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals in indoor and outdoor sheltered conditions.

Features of VpCI-330

VpCI-330 is clear, ready-to-use, and low-viscosity perfect to protect gears, coils, flanges, nuts and bolts. The product leaves behind a thin, almost invisible coat of oil that is ideal where removal of the rust preventative is either not feasible or desired before further processing or shipment. The film is so inconspicuous that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the work-in-process cycle.

Besides its long-term effectiveness in adverse conditions of 100% relative humidity, VpCI-330 ensures an easy application and workplace safety, as it is non-flammable and does not contain nitrites, phosphates, secondary amines, or OSHA hazardous components.