Wagner Presented the Optimised Sprint 2 Manual Powder Coating Unit

Date: 10/04/2024
The Sprint 2 manual powder coating from Wagner

The new Sprint 2 unit developed by J. Wagner GmbH enhances components and assistance functions for quick and easy manual powder coating operations.

The international manufacturer of powder coating equipment J. Wagner GmbH has recently introduced the Sprint 2 manual unit, a new generation of updated manual powder coating units that combine proven elements from the previous product families with innovative components and assistance functions that offer even more options for manual applications.

In addition to the trolley itself, the control unit has also been modernised in terms of design and functionality. As a matter of fact, it includes the new DSO (Digital Surface Optimizer) assistance feature, which reduces overcharge effects such as orange peel and edge build-up on complex workpiece geometries or with challenging powder coatings, while the Air Flow Control (AFC) technology constantly measures and regulates the air volume during the coating process, creating a uniform powder cloud.

The Sprint 2 unit developed by Wagner is also equipped with the lightweight but robust PEM-X1 manual gun, that ensures high application efficiency through optimum electrostatic charging even with different powder properties. Moreover, the coater can quickly adjust the powder quantity using integrated buttons and change the recipe with a double-click on the trigger.

The intuitive controls and clearer arrangement of the operating elements make day-to-day work easier: the operator has all important parameters at a glance and can make all adjustments, including recipe selection, quickly and easily using a central rotary knob. Furthermore, with the coupling of the new Quick-Link injector, all powder and air hoses can be detached with one hand and the integrated scraper ring in the swivel arm wipes the powder off the outside of the lance without the need for an additional work step, speeding up the cleaning and colour change process.