Surface Treatment 101


How to paint strip a metal surface

The surface treatment sector offers many different paint stripping processes, some with a chemical or mechanical nature, others using thermal power or cold temperatures. This article deals with the reasons why parts are paint stripped, the various technologies available, and what elements should be considered when choosing the best suited one for any application.


The role of masking in surface treatments

In the industrial surface treatment sector, masking plays an important role in protecting any areas of manufactured products that do not need to be treated. In this article, we look at what masking is, the types of masking products available, and the new technological frontiers in this field.


PVD coatings: processes, technologies, and benefits

In the constantly evolving market of surface treatments, now looking for more and more environmentally sustainable solutions, PVD processes are increasingly playing a leading role. In this article, we explain in detail what PVD is, its most common industrial uses, its application technologies, and its advantages in terms of production and sustainability.