Surface Treatment 101


An Industry at the Service of Design: Trends and Inspirations from Milan Design Week 2024

The world of design could be seen as a giant planet orbited by all the industrial sectors that adapt to its needs, follow its trends, and draw inspiration from them. That is because it is characterised by a strong ability to establish and emphasise trends that then gradually touch many branches of the economy, as in a chain reaction. And since every planet needs its own universe, the ipcm® team set out to explore it. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile trade fair fascinated us and made us deeply aware of the leading role that design plays in driving the aesthetic trends of entire sections of the market.


The Corrosion of the Eiffel Tower

Rising up into the sky above Paris for 135 years, it is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Today, the Eiffel Tower is at the centre of much controversy related to its maintenance and its twentieth painting campaign, which is taking far longer than planned: the Dame de Fer is beginning to show its wrinkles.


Origin, Meaning and Uses of Colours: Black

Why dedicate this column to the non-colour par excellence? Because, despite its negative reputation, black is much more present in our daily lives than other hues. Because it is one of the most ambiguous and, for this very reason, most fascinating shades. And because it is one of the tints most required from coaters, as well as one of the most challenging colours to apply with satisfactory results


Origin, Meaning and Uses of Colours: Red

Used since prehistoric times for the first pictorial drawings, red arouses conflicting emotions by its very nature: loved and hated at different points in history, this primary colour has reached the present day as a protagonist in the most diverse fields, from art to fashion, from astronomy to architecture.


Origin, meaning and uses of colours: green

From a venom-based pigment to a flag for ecological movements: green, the quintessential colour of nature, is one of the most difficult tints to synthesise and, perhaps for this reason, it is also associated with capriciousness and deception. Read the article to find out the positivity and negativity of a colour with many nuances.


Origin, meaning and uses of colours: blue

According to some recent studies, blue is the favourite colour of most people, regardless of their gender or place of origin. But why? Probably because its origins, meanings and applications. Read the article to find out all the curiosities about the colour blue.


Why and how are 3D printed parts coated?

Today, 3D printed components made in the most diverse materials are increasingly widespread, thanks to the possibilities offered by this fast, inexpensive, and waste-free production technology conceived for prototyping or manufacturing parts with complex geometries. However, even these parts are subject to wear, corrosion, and harsh environmental conditions that can compromise their aesthetic and functional characteristics. Therefore, they must be protected with a surface coating. In this article, we analyse why and how plastic and metal 3D components are coated.


How are automotive plastic components coated?

In the automotive industry, the use of plastics is becoming more and more common as it improves the functionality of vehicles while enabling to apply more attractive and refined finishes. In this article, we explore why plastic materials are increasingly being used in the automotive sector, why they are painted, and what steps are included in their coating cycle.