BASF Launched the Solvent-Based Dispersing Agent Efka PX 4360 at ACS 2024

Date: 02/05/2024
A photo that shows a bench coated in various colours with BASF coatings

The new dispersing agent has been formulated by BASF using CFRP technology and can offer superior performance, durability and storage stability for industrial coatings.

The multinational company BASF has recently launched the new solvent-based dispersing agent Efka® PX 4360 for industrial coatings during the latest edition of the American Coatings Show.

This new solution is specifically developed for solvent-based industrial coatings and has been designed using BASF's Controlled Free Radical Polymerisation (CFRP) technology to achieve a polymer architecture capable of offering optimal colour characteristics, excellent pigment and paint compatibility.