Cortec Presents EcoLine® AL-Cor™ Corrosion Inhibitor for Crop Irrigation Systems

Date: 20/03/2024
photo of irrigation system with corrosion inhibior of Cortec

EcoLine® AL-Cor™ from Cortec consists of a bio-based corrosion inhibitor capable of preventing corrosion inside of aluminium irrigation pipes.

Cortec® presents a corrosion inhibitor, sustainable and of biological origin, which can be used directly in the irrigation water of farmers who want to slow down the corrosion of their systems. In fact, corrosion, by affecting irrigation systems, can reduce the service life of the resources as well as clog pipes and require repairs - taking time away from agricultural operations.

EcoLine® AL-Corr™ is a bio-based corrosion inhibitor formulated to protect the inside of aluminium irrigation pipes during use as well as during periods of intermittent water flow. This product is formulated with biodegradable materials and can be added directly to irrigation water. In addition, it contains no phosphates or nitrites and is a product containing 81% USDA certified organic content.