Easy Protect, Tailor-Made Protection Without the Scratches

Date: 19/09/2022
Autor: Sponsored

How do you protect a car body from the time it leaves the production line until it arrives at the dealership? SAMES KREMLIN innovates with Easy Protect, a robotized solution for depositing protective film to measure. Efficient, productive and with a low environmental impact, it challenges today's adhesive plastics and tarp. 

Abrasive dust or grains of sand blown in by the wind, salt spray, heavy rain, hail, contact with a metal tool... The dangers that threaten new bodywork are real and justify the precautions taken by manufacturers. Some use adhesive plastics cut to size on the painted surfaces (with the risk of the cutter scratching the paint!); others prefer covering plastic sheeting, which is expensive.

92 mm seamless strips create a unique film

SAMES KREMLIN is changing these practices with its Easy Protect robotic solution. Compatible with all robots in the marketplace, it deposits 92 mm wide jointed strips of protective material on surfaces. After infrared drying, these strips form a single 200-micron-thick film; it is resistant to damage and can be removed as easily as the transparent protection on a computer screen.

A productive solution: 4 m2/minute

Easy Protect works very fast: 4m2/minute. Combined with a vision system, it is flexible, precise and guarantees the quality and repeatability of applications on horizontal, vertical or curved surfaces. It is based on proven devices, in service on thousands of sites: pump, loading station, metric flow doser. The patented application head deposits a perfectly homogeneous layer of polymer material over a width of 92 mm.

REACH compliant and DIB classified film

This polymer, it must be emphasized, is hydro-based. It is compatible with European Reach regulations and is classified in France as ordinary industrial waste (OIW). Its environmental impact is much lower than that of adhesive plastics and tarpaulins, of which a car factory consumes hundreds of tons per year for this purpose alone.

Excellent ROI from US trials

The first attempts to apply liquid protections were not very successful in the 1990s. With Easy Protect, SAMES KREMLIN is reviving the subject with strong arguments. In particular, tests carried out on an American automobile site have shown an excellent return on investment: the era of plastic films and tarpaulins may be coming to an end...