Elementis Updated its RHEOLATE® IF Range of Isothiazoline-Free Products

Date: 27/03/2024
White paint with rheology modifiers from Elementis applied by spray-gun on metal bars

Elementis embraced safer ingredients within the RHEOLATE® IF range of rheology modifiers for paints and coatings.

Elementis is an international developer and distributor of rheology modifiers for paint, coatings and other industrial aqueous applications that has recently updated its RHEOLATE® IF range of isothiazoline-free products with RHEOLATE 644 IF, RHEOLATE 655 IF and RHEOLATE 666 IF, in order to offer more customised rheological properties and performances.

Since health and safety are nowadays crucial and regulations around labels are getting stricter, end-users are then demanding more safer paints. The products from the RHEOLATE IF series are solvent-free, do not contain the biocide BIT/MIT – so they are compliant with EU ECHA regulations – and produce very few Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). In addition, the new rheology modifiers manufactured by Elementis create excellent dry film properties, contributing to the overall quality and durability of coatings.

  • RHEOLATE 644 IF offers good mid-high-shear viscosity build and best balance of KU/ICI viscosities, result in film build with good brush drag;
  • RHEOLATE 655 IF is designed for use in low VOC decorative systems. Providing thickening efficiency primarily in the medium-shear rate range (Stormer, KU) viscosity;
  • RHEOLATE 666 IF provides viscosity at low and medium-shear rates with effective flow and levelling control.