Evonik Developed a New Hardener for Protective and Marine Coatings

Date: 02/04/2024
photo of a vessel coated in black and red using Evonik's hardeners

The newly-developed hardener Ancamine® 2844 from Evonik can enhance the efficiency, quality and durability of protective and marine coatings in a wide range of applications.

The international specialty chemicals manufacturer Evonik has recently lunched Ancamine® 2844, an epoxy cure hardener designed for plural components spray applications.

As a matter of fact, this new highly-functional aliphatic amine-based hardener has ultra-fast curing properties even in harsh conditions, low temperatures and high humidity, as well as in so it is particularly suitable for marine and protective coating applications.

"Our focus has always been on innovation and performance and Ancamine 2844 continues our track record of providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. With this latest curing agent, we are offering a product that not only enhances productivity for applications that require quick turnaround times, but also maintains the quality of the finish and protection, even in the most demanding environments,” has stated Christian Schmidt, Head of the Crosslinkers business line of Evonik.

The ultra-fast drying speed of Ancamine 2844 allows for operations at temperatures as low as 5°C, making it ideal for winter coating applications. The combination of low viscosity and load, with the high solids content, ensures easy application and a flawless finish. Additionally, the high chemical and corrosion resistance of Ancamine®2844 effectively protects surfaces and can withstand salt spray testing with up to 3,000 hours of exposure – thus making it a robust solution for fast-curing protective and marine coatings.