Shin-Etsu Developed a New Water-Based Quick-Curing Silicone Resin

Date: 22/03/2024
image of paints and coatings

The newly-developed water-based silicone resin from Shin-Etsu can deliver good weathering and heat resistance performance for paints and coatings applications.

Shin-Etsu has developed the emulsifier-free, water-based and quick-curing silicone resin KRW-6000 - used in paint and coating applications due to its performance in terms of weathering and heat resistance.

The KRW-6000 series does not use emulsifiers, has good film properties and can be cured rapidly by heating. The main features of this newly developed silicone resin series are as follows:

  • Emulsifier-free and water-dispersible silicone resin. Due to the absence of emulsifiers, it forms a superior water-resistant film. Moreover, after curing, it turns into a film of inorganic silicone only, which guarantees excellent durability and weathering resistance in the long term;
  • The absence of organic solvents contributes to the product being free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), as the only substance generated in the curing reaction is water;
  • Rapid curing at low temperatures in a short time contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the room temperature curing process, polymerisation is accelerated by heating to 80-150°C for a few minutes;
  • Formation of high hardness films with a maximum hardness of 4H.