Workshop: "Improving painting processes using numerical simulation - Insights into process correlations enable specific optimization"

Date: 22/11/2012
Autor: Redaktion
Kategorien: Andere Neuigkeiten

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Institutszentrum Stuttgart (IZS), November 22, 2012 - Due to the complexity of painting processes, a systematic approach to process development and optimization is necessary. Numerical simulation provides a useful tool as it allows an in-depth look into the – otherwise difficult to access – complex physical processes.

This deepens the understanding of the process and thus reveals starting points for the enhancement of painting processes. In many branches varnishing constitutes a significant part of production costs – especially concerning energy demands. The projects presented start at this point to create solutions for concrete procedures. The workshop program is complemented by live demonstrations at the Fraunhofer IPA Technikum.

Aims of the workshop Illustrating the current state of numerical simulation in painting systems on the basis of selected examples is the goal of the workshop. The potential for the application of different simulation processes will be demonstrated. Additionally, the workshop serves as a basis for the dialogue between users, suppliers and research.

Target group Developers, members of engineering-teams, paint shop managers, managers of the department production and production planning.

Venue & Cost Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Institutszentrum Stuttgart (IZS). Participation fee: € 390.

Contact Dr. Oliver Tiedje Phone +49 711 970-1773