Surface Treatment 101


The corrosion of the Morandi Bridge: the story of a predictable collapse?

Corrosion is present in our everyday lives more than we think. The progressive deterioration it causes can have devastating effects and weaken essential structures such as the metal reinforcements of bridges. In this article, we will try to understand if and how corrosion may have influenced the partial collapse of a bridge that first became a symbol of engineering innovation and then of an unforgettable tragedy: the Polcevera Viaduct, known to everyone as the Morandi Bridge.

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Corrosion: what it is, how it develops, what are the most corrosive environments, and how metals can be protected

Corrosion is an irreversible natural process that causes a slow and continuous wear of metal, resulting in a deterioration of the material’s characteristics or physical properties. It is essential to protect all metal surfaces so that this does not diminish the functionality of products and structures, as well as generating serious economic damage and safety risks.

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PVD coatings: processes, technologies, and benefits

In the constantly evolving market of surface treatments, now looking for more and more environmentally sustainable solutions, PVD processes are increasingly playing a leading role. In this article, we explain in detail what PVD is, its most common industrial uses, its application technologies, and its advantages in terms of production and sustainability.

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