Surface Treatment 101


How are automotive plastic components coated?

In the automotive industry, the use of plastics is becoming more and more common as it improves the functionality of vehicles while enabling to apply more attractive and refined finishes. In this article, we explore why plastic materials are increasingly being used in the automotive sector, why they are painted, and what steps are included in their coating cycle.

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How to paint strip a metal surface

The surface treatment sector offers many different paint stripping processes, some with a chemical or mechanical nature, others using thermal power or cold temperatures. This article deals with the reasons why parts are paint stripped, the various technologies available, and what elements should be considered when choosing the best suited one for any application.

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Why would paint flake off?

Whether on metal, plastic, wood, or concrete, one of the most common paint defects is peeling. Just as skin flakes off after a sunburn, so do some coated surfaces, more or less severely. In this article, we will take a closer look at the causes of this phenomenon and the ways to avoid it and we will analyse some examples of paint failures due to peeling after a fairly long period of time after application, including a topical story.

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What are the main painting defects and how to solve them

All paint products degrade over time. Prolonging the service life of applied films is therefore one of the main goals of all coaters striving for excellent quality and high customer satisfaction. In this article, we will explore the most common painting defects, their causes, and their possible solutions.

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What are smart coatings?

In the last decade, the industrial coating sector has witnessed a major development of paint products geared towards sustainability and increased demand for ever-higher performance as well as more attractive, quality finishes. These high-value, high-tech paints are called “smart coatings”.

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The role of masking in surface treatments

In the industrial surface treatment sector, masking plays an important role in protecting any areas of manufactured products that do not need to be treated. In this article, we look at what masking is, the types of masking products available, and the new technological frontiers in this field.

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The world’s blackest paint: How it works

In the last few years, some ultra matte and ultra flat black paints have been developed that can absorb up to 99% of light. This particular property does not only create unprecedented aesthetics, but it also opens the way to truly unique applications. Let us see what the world’s blackest paint is and what sectors it can be used in.

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How the Louvre Abu Dhabi is coated

The Louvre Abu Dhabi attracts millions of visitors every year. Located on Sa'diyyat Island, its building is considered a unique piece of architecture. This article explores how the Abu Dhabi museum of art and civilisation was built and painted.

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