Axalta Has Revealed the Automotive Colour Preferences in Mexico

Date: 29/06/2022
Categories: Sector trends

According to Axalta’s 2022 Automotive Color Preferences Survey, red is the most popular automotive colour in Mexico.

Axalta has released the results of its Automotive Color Preferences 2022 Consumer Survey in Mexico. The survey found that for the fourth consecutive year, red (21%) is the participants' favourite colour, followed by black (18%) and white (15%).

Red has always been in the preferences of Mexican car buyers and has become increasingly popular since Axalta's first survey in 2019.

“Our survey helps us better understand automotive consumers and their decision making, and potential future trends to develop appropriate technologies that meet industry needs. As leaders and experts focused on providing innovative, colourful, and sustainable solutions, we are proud to have led this survey for the fourth consecutive year,” said Daniel Salcido, president of Axalta Mexico.

Colour is critical for automotive consumers in the country, as 86% of respondents saying it plays a key role when purchasing a used or new vehicle.

The survey results

The survey revealed both consumer preferences regarding car colours and how important sustainability is throughout the production process:

  • 18% of participants said they had a red car.
  • 17% of the participants said they had a white and grey car.
  • White colour is predominant for women, while men mainly own red and grey cars.
  • Red is considered among respondents as an elegant and modern colour.
  • 74% of participants, mainly men and women between 25 and 45 years old, considers sustainability a very important factor in the value chain.

“With 150 years of colour experience, along with our culture of agility and customer focus, we are uniquely positioned to help our customers navigate the challenges in the industry and support their needs by offering new and valuable information on colour trends,” added Hans Paetau, director of Mobility for Axalta Mexico.

The survey also provided insight from consumers on their experience in refinish body shops, one of the company's main business focus areas in Mexico.

  • 34% of respondents own their car for four to seven years, regardless of whether they bought it new or used, and 42% carried out a repainting job on their car mainly for some type of repair caused by a crash.
  • The quality of service (33%) is the most important factor that drivers take into consideration when going to a body shop, followed by the budget (27%) and references (16%).
  • Cost/quality ratio (69%) is the main factor considered when choosing a paint brand for their car.