Clariant’s Automotive Styling Shades 2025 Trendbook Now Available with an Interactive Digital Version

Date: 31/05/2021
Categories: Sector trends

Clariant unveiled its Automotive Styling Shades 2025 Trendbook, which features 28 trend colours for the automotive industry and includes, for the first time, an interactive digital version.

Clariant has released its Automotive Styling Shades 2025 Trendbook which, published every two year, highlights the latest automotive global trends.

This year’s Trendbook confirms that white is still the most preferred shade, rounding off 10 years of uninterrupted dominance but also shows how colour is making a comeback as people around the globe look for joy, beauty and cultural sharing after the impacts of the pandemic.

“The 2025 edition is focused on ‘colour meets culture’, exploring the inspiration and emotion that colour brings to our lives and forecasting brilliant shades and metallic effects in a diverse range of colour families,” explains Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Technical Manager Automotive Coatings at Clariant.

The colour families presented by this year’s edition are:

  • Daily Relaunch, which features mood lifting hues for the office commute;
  • Value-based Culture, made of gentle colours for a peaceful and sustainable co-existence on the planet;
  • The Fast and the Curious, with shades that communicate open-mindedness and self-confidence;
  • · Rainbow Bridge, which features bold colours that refuse to follow the rules.

The 28 colours of the 2025 Trendbook can be experienced through a virtual showroom, which also features a Car Color Configurator.

“The trend colours can be virtually selected and applied onto different car models, from a sports car to a family van, and viewed in settings that include neutral scenery, a sunset, an urban landscape or with infrared vision. This was made possible by scanning a painted panel and converting the data into a format which is compatible with common rendering software. The Car Color Configurator allows customers to collect their favourites in a personal brochure without the need to share personal data,” says Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Technical Manager Automotive Coatings at Clariant.

Through its organic pigments, Clariant is helping to solve coatings formulation challenges posed by the development of new technologies. For instance, they can improve near infra-red reflectance in order to allow darker cars to be detected by LIDAR technology – an essential measure for the safety of autonomous vehicle. Moreover, Clariant offers an improved formulation of brilliant shades even if metallic effect pigments are combined with coloured organic pigments.