Adapta Color Sl

Adapta Color Sl

N-340A, Km. 1041.1 (@40.409804, 0.390937)
12598 Peñiscola, Castellón Spain

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At the end of 1997, ADAPTA COLOR began to manufacture powder coatings.
Since the outset, the company has been deeply committed to providing solutions for all the requirements of the market and the customers, foreseeing the emergence of such needs to the greatest possible extent.
In an increasingly competitive and ever changing field, flexibility and speed are key elements for the success of a company and a decisive factor as regards customer's competitiveness.
With wholly Spanish capital, ADAPTA COLOR today represents the integration of experience and youth in the manufacture of powder coatings in Europe. A team of professionals with a long history of development in the industry and enterprising management have managed to place this company in an outstanding position in the market in a short space of time.

R&D Technology

One of the key successes of ADAPTA lies in the Research and Development department. This department is made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the field of powder coatings. In addition to this team the company has the most modern technology in order to innovate and develop solutions that allow our customers not only to enhance the value of their products, but to be at the cutting edge of the latest market trends.

The Specialists for Smart Coatings

Adapta Color specializes in the development and manufacturing of Smart Coatings which are able to interact with the surrounding environment: powder coatings able to reduce the proliferation of bacteria on surfaces (Bioproof); powder coatings able to "eat off" atmospheric pollution (+bio-NOx); Antigraffiti powder coatings; protective powder coatings (Rustproof) and much more.


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