Cortec Introduces a Custom VCI Shrink Film for Metals Packaging in Automated Heat Shrink Tunnels

Date: 26/05/2022

Cortec Corporation has unveiled a new custom version of VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for automated heat seal or heat shrink tunnels.

Cortec has developed a new custom version of VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for automated heat seal or heat shrink tunnels. VpCI®-126 Shrink Film is usually used for heavy-duty packaging of industrial equipment and goods in preparation for shipping or storage. The film contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI®), which form a protective molecular layer on the metal surfaces inside the package to protect metals from rusting.

Standard VpCI®-126 Shrink Film is designed to withstand wear and tear in industrial export or layup conditions. It is therefore bulky and has to be applied manually. On the other end of the shrink film packaging spectrum, consumer goods that undergo automatic heat shrinking are packaged in very delicate films and typically do not require corrosion protection. Somewhere in between these two extremes are smaller industrial components made of metal that could benefit from both corrosion protection and automated packaging.

Overcoming the obstacles of the shrink wrap

A company needed to package oil filters for industrial equipment in their automated heat seal tunnel. The filters required corrosion protection due to their metal casing, especially as some would be shipped overseas to Southeast Asia. However, the generic Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) film they were using was continually causing problems because it didn't seal properly. The VCI bags kept opening up, forcing the customer to frequently re-run the filters through the heat seal tunnel and throw out a huge amount of plastic waste.

Since standard VpCI®-126 Shrink Film would have been too bulky to pass through the automated heat seal line, Cortec® produced a custom version of the VpCI®-126 Shrink Film tubing compatible with the automatic equipment. The results of the trial are good: the bags remained sealed and the customer did not have to stop the packaging process. The film was sealed quickly and easily, with the option of shrink wrapping if desired. Following the success of the trial, the customer decided to adopt VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for all of their VCI film packaging needs.

A breakthrough for metal packaging

Cortec's customization of VpCI®-126 Shrink Film for heat shrink and heat seal tunnels represents a step forward in the field of metal packaging. The combination of the anti-corrosion film with the automated heat tunnels simplifies the packaging and quality assurance process so that end users can receive ready-to-use metal parts in compact packages without even having to worry about corrosion.