Cortec Presented the Protection Spray EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative

Date: 05/10/2022
A can of EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative of Cortec

Cortec’s rust preventative forms a tenacious film that repels water and protects against corrosive elements.

Cortec has recently presented its EcoAir® Tool & Die Rust Preventative, a solution specifically aimed at protecting injection moulds, tooling and dies from corrosive elements during shipment or storage.

Moulds, dies and other tooling represent a serious investment for the metalworking industry, so the corrosion protection of intricate metal equipment internal parts is of critical importance. A serious challenge for producers is then to ensure that they arrive at the clients’ plants in like-new conditions even with overseas shipment, where fluctuating humidity and potential exposure to high-chloride moisture pose a real threat to their integrity.

Cortec has then developed EcoAir Tool & Die Rust Preventative, a cost-effective and easy-to-use protection spray that forms a tenacious film on metal surfaces, repelling water and protecting against corrosive elements without need to be removed before using the equipment.

The new solution of Cortec has been developed to help a large midwestern U.S. tool and die manufacturer which was looking for a corrosion solution to ship a 18,144 kg Class A plastic-injection mould overseas. So, the company has packaged a rust preventative in an air-powered EcoAir® spray can, in order to easily apply it on the metal surfaces of the mould internals. The mould has then travelled by boat to Europe over the course of six weeks and has been later delivered to the final client corrosion-free.