Cortec Successfully Reduced the Closed Loop Pitting Corrosion of An American Tire Manufacturer

Date: 20/12/2023
Kategorien: Erfolgsgeschichten
A photo of a closed loop system which was experiencing corrosion issues and solved with VpCI of Cortec

The VpCI® anti-corrosion technology of Cortec was able to solve a pitting corrosion problem for an American tire manufacturer.

The international corrosion prevention and protection solutions manufacturer Cortec Corporation® has recently installed a VpCI® corrosion inhibitor for an American tire manufacturer. The latter was experiencing corrosion issues in one of its closed loop systems using a molybdate corrosion inhibitor and a non-oxidising biocide. As a result, the water had a distressing appearance, high level of dissolved iron and particulates. Furthermore, the control unit reported a hot process water temperature of 60°C inside the sump, before the heat exchanger could cool it.

The initial hypothesis was oxygen pitting corrosion, which was caused by the high temperature and aeration of the tank water. In order to test this hypothesis, the American manufacturer installed the Corrater equipment in the corrosion coupon bypass rack to measure its corrosion rate, both before and after the addition of the VpCI corrosion inhibitor supplied by Cortec.

Prior to the addition of the VpCI inhibitor, the corrosion rate was 0.2-0.4 mpy, while pitting was 2.9-5.4 mpy. However, after the addition of S-69 P along with a defoamer, the overall corrosion was about the same level, but pitting was significantly lower at 0.2 mpy. So, based on these results, a new technology was formulated using S-69 P as a building block, added together with new water in the closed circuit after filtering out the iron encrustations and discarding the old water – thus obtaining satisfying corrosion rates for the customer.