Hempel Has Launched a Software to Estimate Intumescent Coatings

Date: 18/12/2023
An image representing the new HEET Dynamic software of Hempel

The new HEET Dynamic software developed by Hempel allows operators to estimate intumescent coatings more quickly and accurately.

The international paints and coatings supplier Hempel has recently launched HEET Dynamic, an innovative new coating software designed to make the intumescent coating estimations on steel sections quicker, easier and accurate for structural engineers and estimators.

As a matter of fact, the new software can perform calculations up to 10 times faster than traditional methods, achieving 100% estimation accuracy for reliable and dependable results. It also has an intuitive interface, is easy to install and simple to use.

“It is a very good piece of software for our engineers and designers. It allows us a lot of flexibility when designing structures without the need to keep contacting Hempel,” has stated J&D Pierce Ltd.

HEET Dynamic is updated with the latest industry standards, capable of simplifying work even in the most complex situations. It uses built-in calculators to make automated thickness and volume calculations and offers simple copy and paste functionality to give the user full control. Additionally, HEET Dynamic includes section factor calculations, predefined boundary temperatures, cellular beam calculations, a customisable user interface and a project dashboard with library functionality.

For advanced users, the HEET Dynamic license is upgradeable using a feature called Structural Fire Design, which allows engineers to flexibly calculate project-specific design temperatures, resulting in overall cost savings and increased productivity. Lastly, HEET Dynamic features the BIM plug-in tool, an intelligent and editable tool that allows users to work seamlessly with BIM software, creating automated calculations for 3D models and construction details.

“The new HEET Dynamic software is simple and intuitive to use and the SFD and BIM integration is very beneficial for our technical staff when designing various elements of our projects,” has added a representative from Billington Structures Ltd.

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