Trinseo To Launch LIGOS™ C 9484 At the American Coatings Show 2024

Date: 22/03/2024
Logos of Trineso and ACS 2024

LIGOS™ C 9484 is a vinyl acrylic emulsion that offers good performance and formulation flexibility for coating applications, as well as long-term durability.

The specialty material solutions provider Trinseo has announced the launch of LIGOS™ C 9484, a vinyl acrylic latex binder designed for architectural coatings. The product will be showcased at the next edition of American Coatings Show, which will be held in Indianapolis (United States of America) from 30th April to 2nd May 2024.

“LIGOS™ C 9484 is an essential addition to our extensive portfolio of All Acrylic, Styrene Acrylic, Vinyl Acrylic, and Styrene Butadiene latex binder formulations. The emulsion is designed to meet rigorous performance requirements and supports customers who need a flexible binder formulation, ensuring that they can design a material that meets their specific needs,” has stated Steven Lucas, Sales Director, CASE North America at Trinseo.

LIGOS™ C 9484 can offer performance and flexibility for architectural coating applications. Indeed, the emulsion offers covering performance, levelling properties and good washability - making coating applications extremely durable. Additionally, the new product boasts rub resistance and allows for easy touch-up of unwanted scuffs and scratches, as well as meeting ASTM D4828-94 test requirements and cleaning easily if dirty.

Finally, the emulsion offers flexibility in formulation, allowing you to meet the most demanding coating application needs. LIGOS™ C 9484 can be formulated across the entire PVC spectrum and can include different solvents, pigments, additives and other raw materials to achieve a high-performance coating. The new solution is part of the company's portfolio of optimised solutions for coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications - designed to increase energy efficiency, extend functional life and achieve long-term durability.