Regulations and legislation

All the news on changes in regulations concerning the use of products

Green Seal Will Prohibit All PFAS In Certified Paints and Coatings

Green Seal has efficiently banned PFAS in several product categories, including paints and coatings.

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Hexion Presents a Safer-to-Use Alternative to 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid

Hexion's Versatic™ Acid 10, a proven technology that is safer than 2-ethylhexanoic acid, will help meet the upcoming regulatory changes announced by ECHA.

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The Availability of Preservatives is Decreasing, According To CEPE

CEPE stressed the threat to the availability of preservatives, which are used to extend the useful life of coatings, inks, cleaning products and personal care items.

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Graphene Flagship Establishes a New REACH/ECHA Working Group

Graphene Flagship has created a new REACH/ECHA Working Group to facilitate the commercialisation of products enabled by graphene and related materials in compliance with European regulations on chemicals and nanomaterials.

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ECHA’s Candidate List Updated with Eight Hazardous Chemicals

The Candidate List of substances of very high concern now contains 219 chemicals that may harm people or the environment.

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KOLZER Presents its Alternative Technologies to CrVI-based Finishes

KOLZER, an Italian company specializing in designing and manufacturing vacuum coating machines, presents its PVD technologies which replace CrVI-based finishes, the use of which has been prohibited in the functional chrome plating sector with a decorative purpose.

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