Art within surfaces

News about initiatives involving the art world

IM GROUP Foundation’s Chair Exhibits Sculptures to Raise Funds for Malaysian Children

Alice Chang Guerra, chair of IM GROUP Foundation, has revealed the artworks that will support autistic children in Malaysia.

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“Paintings from a lifetime of Paint”: The Art Exhibition by HMG Paints’ John Falder

John Falder, Managing Director of HMG Paints, will host the art exhibition “Paintings from a Lifetime of Paint” starting from June 12 in Anglesey.

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French Artist Creates a Colour Palette With 144 Automobile Models

Solara is site-specific art installation by French painter Zoer, which features 144 automotive models recovered by one of largest scrapyard in France. With this project, the artist aims at creating an industrial heritage by saving automobile wreckage, while cleaning up metal-polluted soils.

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Artist Sacha Jafri is Attempting to Break a World Record Using AkzoNobel's Dulux Products

Artist Sacha Jafri is attempting to create the largest painting ever created on canvas for its Humanity Inspired project and he is using AkzoNobel's Dulux paints.

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AkzoNobel and the Rijksmuseum Paint Clearer Picture for Operation Night Watch

Inventive scientific research into colour, light and paint is at the core of the next phase of AkzoNobel's trailblazing Operation Night Watch partnership with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Rembrandt's masterpiece is undergoing the biggest and most innovative conservation in its history, with the two partners combining their knowledge and expertise to conserve and restore the painting in the best possible way.

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UNStudio and Monopol's 'The Coolest White' featured in State of Extremes, Design Museum Holon's Decennial Exhibition

Shown for the first time in a site-specific installation for 'State of Extremes', The Coolest White is an innovative and highly-resilient paint created to protect urban structures from excessive solar radiation and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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