Evonik to Present Two Defoamers for Architectural Coatings at American Coatings Show

Date: 12/04/2024

Evonik will introduce the new TEGO® Foamex 16 and 11 siloxane-based defoamers for waterborne architectural coatings.

The Coating Additives business line of the international specialty chemicals manufacturer Evonik has recently announced that the company will present two new innovative defoamers for waterborne architectural coatings at the American Coatings Show (booth 2030), the trade fair dedicated to the global paints and coatings industry that will take place from 30th April to 2nd May 2024 at the Indiana Convention Centre in Indianapolis (United States of America).

In paints and coatings, the formation of foam can cause defects such as pinholes or cratering, that compromise the aesthetic and protective qualities of the final product. The defoamers are then essential components in coating formulations, because they prevent and eliminate foam during the manufacturing, filling and application processes.

TEGO® Foamex 16 and TEGO® Foamex 11 have been specifically formulated to improve the sustainability and performance of waterborne architectural coatings. TEGO Foamex 16 is a siloxane-based defoamer concentrate that provides an exceptional balance of defoaming efficiency and compatibility, particularly for low to medium PVC coatings, while TEGO Foamex 11 is a siloxane-based defoamer emulsion optimised for high PVC coatings.

Both products have also very low VOC and SVOC content and do not contain solvents or mineral oils. The former contains 25% bio-based material, reducing the environmental impact of coatings and inks without sacrificing quality or performance. The latter, with 15% active ingredient, is a highly effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional mineral oil-based defoamers.

“The launch of TEGO Foamex 16 and TEGO Foamex 11 shows how Evonik Coating Additives, together with our customers, is leading the way to more sustainable coatings. These products meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions that deliver exceptional performance. By setting a new industry standard, we are demonstrating that it is possible to achieve outstanding results while meeting the most stringent environmental regulations,” has stated Michael Zink, the head of Evonik Coating Additives Americas.