BASF and Lufthansa Develop a Surface Film that Mimics Shark’s Skin

Lufthansa Technik and BASF have successfully developed AeroSHARK, a surface technology that imitates the properties of sharkskin, allowing for an optimization of aerodynamics on flow-related parts of the aircraft.

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Airbus and University of Surrey Develop Coating to Protect Satellites Against Oxygen Damage

A nano-level coating developed by Airbus and the University of Surrey can protect satellites in low-Earth orbit from ultraviolet radiation and atomic oxygen.

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PPG Supplies Coatings and Sealants for the Restoration of a WW2 U.S. Army Air Forces Aircraft

PPG recently supplied coatings and sealants to help restore a 74-year-old four-engine transport aircraft, the Douglas C-54 Skymaster, employed during World War II by the U.S. Army Air Forces.

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