Wagner Presented the New SuperFinish 21 Pro Diaphragm Pump

Date: 15/04/2024
The SuperFinish 21 Pro diaphragm pump from Wagner

The SuperFinish 21 Pro is a new entry-level addition to the diaphragm pump family developed by J. Wagner GmbH.

The international manufacturer of powder coating equipment J. Wagner GmbH has recently presented the SuperFinish 21 Pro diaphragm pump, a new compact, affordable and user-friendly solution specifically developed to help spraying beginners with their paints, primers, stains, impregnations and oils application for medium-sized projects.

The new device is based on the powerful and maintenance-friendly diaphragm pump technology from Wagner: it is suitable for very small quantities (with up to 58% less material in the system) and the reduced stroke frequency of the diaphragm significantly reduces wear on the already low number of wearing parts, resulting in low maintenance costs. Moreover, the diaphragm technology works with extremely low pulsation, which prevents irregularities in the spray pattern.

SuperFinish 21 Pro ensures also easy cleaning operations and low cleaning agent consumption, due to the small cross-sections in the device, while its efficient and durable brushless asynchronous motor guarantees reliable performances. In addition, the electronics have been reduced to a minimum – providing a high level of robustness – and the infinitely variable pressure setting enables even regulation from 0-207 bar without dead centre, with the spray pressure that can be easily read off the HEA pressure gauge.

The Enamel Spraypack offers also a 3.7 litre hopper, which is ideal for small quantities of paint or frequent material changes, as well as the TradeTip 3 FineFinish paint tip with a special double core for the finest spray formation and particularly high-quality surfaces, even at low pressure levels. This version is supplied with a flexible suction system and is equipped with the innovative HEA tip technology.